About Us
Design and production of advanced non-invasive beauty technologies for the treatment of all types of face and body imperfections.
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About Us

From medicine to beauty

PhormaBeauty is a brand of Winform Medical Engineering, an Italian company that for almost 30 years has been successfully involved in the design and production of advanced medical devices and phytocompounds in rehabilitation, aesthetic medicine, and beauty.


PhormaBeauty aims to provide its customers with the best non-invasive beauty technologies for the treatment of all types of face and body imperfections.

Cutting-edge technologies

Our range of technologies can be approached by any beautician at any professional level, from entry-level to top of the range.
We provide to Customers who require fast results a range of equipment for every type of beauty center: Tecar, shock wave and multi-function equipment as eClettica, our high-level multi-function platform, able to obtain all-round results on imperfections.

With 6 interchangeable handpieces, it allows the operator to perform many different treatments such as SIN (pressure wave, ultrasound and Tecar), lipolysis and Tecar all combined with cryotherapy.

Training, knowledge, and safety

All PhormaBeauty technologies derive from the thirty-year know-how of Winform Medical Engineering on medical devices, now at the service of the aesthetic professional with a completely free training.

The main purpose is to obtain the expected results through an excellent performance, in total safety for both the operator and the client.

Are you interested in our products or equipment? Contact us for more information!